November 4, 2014

How to change android live wallpaper on different android versions

Sometimes it's not instantly obvious how to change the wallpaper on android devices. There are two types of wallpapers you can have, wallpapers which are static images, and live wallpapers which can display some moving content.
For live wallpapers first you need to download the live wallpaper, most often it comes from the Google Play store. After that you can do the following steps to set the wallpaper you just downloaded.
On most new models
  1. On the homescreen long press on any empty spot.

  2. Select "wallpapers"
  3. Select the live wallpaper you want
  4. You will see how the wallpaper will look. This is called preview. In most live wallpapers you can set different settings as well by going to the "Settings.." section.
  5. Select "Set wallpaper".

Thats it!

On some older Android versions you can do the following
  1. Press menu or settings button.
  2. Select wallpaper

  3. Select live wallpaper
  4. Select the wallpaper you want and it will show you a preview.
  5. Again select "Set wallpaper" and it's done!
And as the final words, if you like you can get a cute (free) ladybird android wallpaper for your device from Google Play